Brown Lentil Soup and Diabetes – Good or Not?

I recently made lentil soup from a recipe I got of off the internet.

Ingredients include brown lentils, garlic, onion, celery and lemon zest.

Lentils in particular come highly recommended as a weight loss controller and diabetes fighter in the following articles from and

My hopes were high of finding a legume that did not make my blood glucose levels spike since all the ones I tried till now did.

How We Tested

Hubby & myself fasted for 3 hours before lunch, took our readings before the first bite and then at 30, 60 and 90 minutes after baseline.

Here Are My Readings

  • 92 (baseline),
  • 95,
  • 112,
  • 123.  This is a +- 35% spike.


  • 100,
  • 100,
  • 113,
  • 98. A 13% spike is not so significant, and it came back down fast.

What was interesting that it took to the 3rd reading to get to my spike. With some other meals we see the effect already happening at the first reading after baseline.

Why is Blood Sugar Spiking a Bad Thing?

The insulin released by your pancreas works hard to get all the blood glucose to cells when levels spike. But if the spike is too high, the insulin turns the excessive glucose into fat stored for later use by the body.

Why Do I Need to Test? All Carbs an Sugars will Cause a Spike, All Keto Dishes Won’t

It’s not quite so black and white. The Weizman institute ran a study where in one of the test cases a subject’s blood sugar would only spike when having tomato in her dishes. Without tomato she had no problems, and no blood sugar spike. After eliminating tomatoes, losing the pounds was a lot easier for her.


Bottom line is that brown lentils go on my no-no list, husband can still eat this (On his own time).

There’s a slight chance that it could be the lemon zest causing the spike, as I have already tested against garlic, onion and celery without a spike.

Will test on red lentils soon.


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