Cortisone Injection and Blood Sugar – How To Bring It Down

Nagging allergies recently forced my husband to get a cortisone shot.

Sky High

We know cortisone leads to weight gain, but after taking hubbie’s blood sugar we now understand why. Where his blood sugar is normally in the 4 range (75-90), the cortisone shot has made him spike up to 7-8 range (130-160).

If the Blood Sugar Remains Too High

When blood glucose levels rise, great pressure is placed on the insulin to make the cells absorb sugar for energy, but eventually the cells get their fill and the blood sugar gets turned to fat by the insulin for storage by the body.

How Long Does it Stay High?

In a recent study diabetics were injected with cortisone. The respondents recorded elevated blood sugar levels in some cases for up to 5 days, with the population seeing a drop after 5 to 84 hours.

How to Bring His Blood Sugar Down?

With our personalized diet measurements we have seen eggs, baby squash, black sugar free coffee and almond nuts bringing hubbie’s levels down, which he’s all tried, with no great success. Moderate exercise did not help, chasing up his blood sugar more.

A Recent Article About Lemon Juice

Cortisone Injection and Blood Sugar Lemon

We saw this article about lemon juice bringing down blood sugar and decided to test it. This did not help at all, since his blood sugar went up from a 6.8 (122) to a 7.1 (128).

Cortisone Injection and Blood Sugar Red Wine

What did eventually do the trick was a glass of ruby cabernet. It brought down his blood sugar to a more sane 6.2 level (112).

What Lowers Blood Sugar?

That is the wrong question.

The right question is rather: What Lowers YOUR Blood Sugar?

Recent research found that people react differently to different food types, what brings down on person’s blood sugar will not bring down another’s. The only answer is to test on yourself.

Weight Gain Time Again

Since starting the personalized diet based on blood sugar measurements a month and a half ago, he’s lost about 6 kilo’s (13 pounds), but we’re sure with the high blood sugar levels he’s going to regain some weight.

If you can avoid the shot in any way, give your insulin a rest and try to find more localized ways to apply cortisone.


(As always, we do not give medical advice. Follow your doctor’s orders.)

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