Cranberries vs Butternut – Which Made my Blood Sugar Spike?

As part of my ongoing bio hacking adventures I just tested my blood sugar response on cranberries and butternut.

One of them made my blood sugar spike 37%, the other caused a 6% rise which is well within the OK range.

Surprisingly it was the cranberries causing the spike. Very disappointing, as it is one of my favorite additives to a yogurt and nut breakfast. It is touted as a diabetes fighter.

The butternut was a homemade soup I tried with onions and coconut flour. I previously spiked on a store-purchased butternut soup, once again bringing the lesson home that convenience has drawbacks – best to make it yourself with ingredients you know.

Testing is easy – fast for 3 hours beforehand and preferably not early in the morning as blood sugar levels are naturally high then. With a blood sugar meter take a reading before the first bite, and then at 30, 60 and 90 minutes after first bite.

Compute your spike percentage, in other words the percentage rise from baseline to your highest reading. My diet is based on preventing blood sugar spikes – when a spike happens is when the body makes and stores fat. I am not diabetic but use blood sugar readings to lose weight.

Please don’t apply my raspberry and butternut results on yourself – this is the whole point, results will differ from person to person.

My Diet

My blood sugar based diet is described here.

Please consult your physician before attempting this or any other diet.


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