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(Note, do not test yourself on things that might cause allergic reactions, in fact please go to see your health professional before trying this diet)


Have you tried many diets and all of them have failed?

The Little Black Book Weight Loss program is based on the premise that no one diet works for everyone. Only certain foods make certain people gain weight.

Our program is based on finding out what foods make you gain weight and how to prevent that.

I have done this and have seen great results in about 30 days time.

It is based on the scientific research study by the Weizman institute:

The Theory

…behind the diet is that you put on the most weight when your blood sugars spikes.

What makes your blood sugar spike?

Certain foods that your stomach bacteria do not agree with. This causes a rush of glucose to be released into your blood stream.

What happens when your blood sugars spike?

When you eat something that makes your blood sugar spike, the brain tells the pancreas to release a flood of insulin. Insulin goes to all the cells and ask them to absorb this sugar for energy, but if the blood sugar is too much, the insulin turns the sugar into fat. This is how you gain weight.


This Diet May Not Be For You

This diet involves the pain of pricking your finger and keeping track of blood sugar readings.

  • You will have to prick your finger many times a day after meals to see which foods make your blood sugar spike.
  • You will have to take a reading every hour after meals.
  • You will have to make notes in your Little Black Book.

If this is not for you, and you are happy with the way your current diet is going… then thank you for the visit, and the best of fortunes on your current diet.

If you are really determined to get a diet that works for you, then read on…


How Do I Start?

Are you still here? That is good news.

This is what you need to get:

  1. Get yourself a blood glucose meter. This you can purchase at your local pharmacy for a relatively cheap price.
  2. Get yourself a some test strips that work with the brand of blood glucose meter you bought in step [1].
  3. Take 3 consecutive readings on the same prick in your finger with 3 test strips. If the 3 readings differ by more than 10-15% then your meter is not accurate.
  4. Get yourself a little black book. In fact any book that you can make notes in will do, but let’s call it your little black book, as it will contain your secrets.
  5. Measure your weight. Write it down in the little black book.
  6. Measure your chest, middle and hip circumference. Write it down in the little black book.
  7. You are ready to start.


How Do I Test?

Start  with a food type you use in most of your dishes, like oats for example. Make a dish of only the oats, do not add sugar, butter or milk. Remember this is partly an elimination diet and you want to see what oats itself does to your system.

Ensure you have not eaten for 3 hours before.

Take a measurement with the blood glucose meter as you are about to take your first reading.

Write down the name of the food type you are testing in the little black book.

Write down your first measurement.

Enjoy the dish. When you have finished, don’t eat anything else that will influence the readings you will take afterwards.

One hour after taking your first bite, take a new blood glucose reading, and write it  down.

After another hour, take a new reading and write it down.

If there is more than a 20% spike after the baseline reading, then the food type makes your blood sugar spike and you should eliminate it from future meals.

What Do I Eat?

What do you eat today?

Most of the things you eat today are made up of the basic food types. Below are some examples:


  • Wheat
  • Maize/Corn
  • Oats

Other Vegetables

  • Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes

Meats and Dairy Products

  • Milk
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Steak
  • Lamb

The Fun Stuff

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Ice Cream

Which of the food types above form a large part of your meals?

Test that first.

Is it wheat? Perhaps start with two slices of bread (no butter) and a glass of water. If your blood sugar does not spike on that, wait 3 hours and perhaps test on bread with butter. If in both cases you don’t spike, noth can go on your safe list.

You can also test against a meal consisting of many food types, but if your blood sugars spike, then you will have to try the food types that make up the meal to see which particular item in the diet caused you to spike.

If you know what basic food types influence you adversely, then you can later on eliminate them from your meals.

The aim is to find the top food types that make your blood spike and eliminate that from your diet.


Final Words


I am eternally grateful for having run across the research of the Weizman group.


Let me know how your progress goes.

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